The company Eurofasad has been successfully creating ventilated facades in Georgia and other countries since 2005. We use only modern European materials and technologies.

Ventilated facade - a complex engineering-construction system, which has recently become very popular among architects and builders due to its high quality, durability, aesthetic capabilities, acoustic and thermal insulation data.

A ventilated facade is an opportunity for a building to have a unique shape and appearance, to be distinctive, respectable and recognizable. Due to the large selection of shapes and colors, it is safe to say that a building with such a facade is as unique as you can find anywhere else.

The thermal insulation properties of a ventilated facade are very important and deserve special mention.
Insulation material of any type and thickness can be installed on the facade.

The air layer between the insulation material and the final cladding material creates natural ventilation of the insulation material and the walls. The exterior walls of the building are constantly warmed, protected and dry. Eventually it all saves energy, which is spent on heating and cooling the house. A ventilated facade is considered to be the most effective system for protecting and insulating building walls and structures.
Energy efficient buildings in turn help to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Our advantages while performing installation work are:

  • Great experience in performing similar work;
  • Since 2011 we have our universal system of ventilated facade bracket aluminum "FDS" (facade fastening system); 
  • Perform all work at the highest level;
  • Promptness and speed;
  • With great experience and highly qualified staff.