Facade Engineering

Facade Engineering

The company "Eurofasad" has been responsible for best quality facade cladding and interiors for many years and provides quality services for interested individuals or companies.
Facade engineering includes the period from the birth of the idea (of a facade of cladding project) to its practical implementation.

Services include:

  • Participate in the architectural design of facade and interior;
  • Engineering processing of fastening joints;
  • Optimization of materials;
  • Structural analysis of materials;
  • Thermal analysis of materials;
  • Calculation of wind loads.

Предлагаем системы крепления вентилируемых фасадов:

FDS 1 - visible (riveted) fastening system on the facade
FDS 2 - invisible (glue) fastening system on the facade
FDS 3 - Invisible (Agrafen profile) fastening system on the facade.