Construction issues require specific knowledge and relevant experience.
Our company is ready to provide you with the necessary advice and help you make the optimal decision for you.
Depending on your interests, desire and budget, you will choose the best quality, safe and environmentally friendly materials.
If you are going to cover the facade or interior walls, or you need to arrange the floor around the terrace or pool, contact us or visit our office.
Our professional and multi-experienced team members will help you make the right choice. It will also help you to create a facade concept, find out the facade specification, help you in purchasing facade materials.

We also offer:

  • Audit of facade design;
  • Inspection and overview of existing facade defects;
  • Comprehensive information about fire safety of the facade;
  • Reliable data.

After the consultation you will know with 95% accuracy the preliminary cost of the facade work. The complete calculation of the budget of the facade will be reflected in the specific estimate.