METAWELL - Facade tiles

METAWELL is a German-made brand that has been producing exterior facade tiles with a variety of products for over 35 years.
With the help of simple and practical construction, a light and solid aluminum sandwich panel is created, which perfectly fits the curtain wall facade.
Thanks to the technical characteristics, the facade has retained its original appearance for a long time.

Advantages of exterior facade tiles:

  • Simple design and smooth, flat surface;
  • Resistance to physical impact;
  • High corrosion protection;
  • Fire-resistant, does not fade;
  • Ecologically clean material;
  • Wide choice of designs and colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes of METAWELL panels?

1470 х 6000 х 10 мм;
1470 х 4300 х 10 мм;
1500 х 6000 х 10 мм;
1250 х 6000 х 10 мм.

The SCALAMID board is distinguished by its special durability, does not fade, does not burn and, most importantly, is ecologically clean.

No. It is necessary to install an aluminum substructure on the wall in advance, on which the panel is fixed.

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