Fundermax- Panels for Exterior

FunderMax - furniture elements
Production of special elements for outdoor and indoor furniture and supply of materials to produce these elements to the customer is one of the main directions of the brand "FunderMax".

HPL furniture is a modern, environmentally friendly, anti-allergic product that has amazing technical characteristics:

  • Resistance to physical impact;
  • Does not shrink, does not burn, does not fade, does not rot;
  • Ecologically clean material;
  • Safe;
  • The material easily withstands moisture and temperature changes;
  • Waterproof;
  • Easy to clean, does not retain bacteria and microbes;
  • Wide choice of designs and sizes;

Furniture made of HPL is used:




When it comes to commonly used outdoor furniture, quality and durability come first. HPL panels fully meet this criterion. In addition, the material has a specific purpose, can withstand high pressure, exposure to various chemicals, that is why HPL panels are used in medical institutions and laboratories.
Furniture made by FunderMax is often found in kindergartens and squares. The risk of material damage and spoilage in these facilities is great, however HPL panels are not threatened by it, because it can withstand all impacts, does not fade, does not shrink, and the graffiti on the wall is easily removed. It is completely safe for children, ecologically clean and anti-allergic. Along with the technical characteristics, the material is easy to process and remove.
The special coating of HPL panels protects the furniture from ultraviolet rays, is waterproof and therefore the rain and weather variability cannot deprive it of anything.
The choice in terms of design is huge, we have a wide range of colors, shapes and decor.

FunderMax Postforming - This type of tile is mainly used for furniture elements and kitchen surfaces.
Standard size: 4100 х 1300 mm;
Thickness range: 0.8 -1.0 mm ± 0.10

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are FunderMax tiles?

4100 X 1854 mm,   4100 X 1300 mm,   2800 X 1854 mm,  2800 X 1300 mm

FunderMax tiles do not shrink easily, do not shrink, do not burn, are environmentally friendly.

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