SFIBRAL - fiber cement cladding panels

SFIBRAL is the export brand of the fiber cement cladding for the ventilated facades. It is produced in Austria, Vocklabruk – the same factory that first presented the fibre cement panel. So, more than a century of experience allows SFIBRAL to produce durable, efficient, and environmentally friendly products.
SFIBRAL is actively used both for finishing new buildings and in the reconstruction of old buildings. Such fiber cement panels can be mounted at any time of the year and under any weather conditions.

Main Advantages:

  • Wide choice of RAL and NCS colors;
  • Fire resistance, A2-s1,d0;
  • UV resistance;
  • Resistance to the most harsh climate;
  • Light weight;
  • Operational period over 50 years;


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes of SFIBRAL panels?

3050 x 1250 x 8 mm
3050 x 1250 x 6 mm
2510 x 1250 x 8 mm
2510 x 1250 x 6 mm

The SFIBRAL panel is distinguished by its special durability, does not fade, does not burn and, most importantly, is ecologically clean. 

No, It is necessary to install an aluminum substructure on the wall in advance, on which the panel is fixed.

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