FunderMax - Sanitary cabins and shower partitions

FunderMax - HPL - Sanitary cabins and shower partitions

Sale and installation of materials for sanitary cabins and shower partitions are one of the important
directions of our company.
The materials produced by FunderMax fully comply with the highest standards and user requirements.
FunderMax is the best and no alternative solution for those looking for high quality and affordable
We always have the necessary stainless steel accessories for installation.
On the market, panels made of chipboard are often found. At first glance, such a choice is convenient
and economical, but in the end, this solution costs the customer much more.
FunderMax HPL sanitary partitions and cabins are high-quality structures with a minimum lifespan of
over 50 years.
It should be noted that the same material can be used for cladding the inner walls and washbasin
cabinets in the bathrooms and for placing the wardrobes around them.

The main advantages of FunderMax sanitary cabins are:

  • Absolute moisture resistance - panels withstand water and high humidity. Retains its original
    appearance for many years. The panels are self-standing and therefore do not require additional
    profiles during installation. In addition, the material is easy to process;
  • Anti-vandal surface - a special coating on HPL panels protects the surface from damage such as
    bumps, cigarette butts, scratches, paint, etc .;
  • Large selection of surfaces and colors - more than 220 decors at your disposal, which allows you
    to go beyond the standard frame and give free rein to ideas;
  • Non-standard approach - it is possible to mill different inscriptions and license plates on the
  • • Easy to clean, does not retain bacteria and germs;
  • • Ecologically clean material;
  • • Resistance and strength to physical impact;
  • • Possibility of digital printing;
  • • Easy installation.

Fittings for sanitary partitions
We offer only high-quality stainless steel installation fittings.
Standard sizes of sanitary cabins:
Height: 1850 mm;
Dividing wall width: 1200-1600 mm;
Door width: 600-900 mm;

The width of the partition between the doors: 150-500 mm.

Areas of use of sanitary cabins and shower partitions:

  • Shopping and entertainment complexes;
  • Sports centers;
  • Airports and train stations;
  • Office centers, banks, hotels;
  • Cinemas, concert, and other halls;
  • Administrative and industrial buildings.

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