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Attention is fun!! Your own individual design

Max Individual Decor laminates feature decors that can be designed individually by the customer.

Paper printed as instructed by the customer is then applied to the laminate using a pressure bonding process.

Following Max quality types can be produced as Individualdecor:
Max Standard quality HGS
Max F-quality HGF

Formats - printable area - surface finishes:

Charging size Maximum printable area Surface finishes
J = 4100 x 1300 mm 4060 x 1260 mm FH, PO, TM, MT, HG
G = 2800 x 1300 mm 2760 x 1260 mm FH, PO, TM, MT, HG
TK = 2140 x 1060 mm 2100 x 1020 mm FH, PO, TM, MT, HG