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Max in medicine

MAX in medicine

No experiments! If you are looking for a worktop panel, that resists even the most aggressive chemicals in extreme working conditions of the laboratory sector, there is only one choice: MAX Resistance. Because the surface, protected with a dual cured urethane acrylic coating has proven itself to be unaffected by solvents and chemicals. Easy to clean and disinfect, it extends the serviceable life of your equipment (worktop panels, walls, tables etc.) enormously.
Additional benefits: MAX Resistance is dye-resistant and shows great mechanical resistance. If you know the heart of the matter, you will immediately know why. With MAX Resistance, it consists namely of aproved and tested raw materials. Compressed under high pressure, emerges such a unique, homogenous panel. Without joints. Fully enclosed. And therefore resistant against the penetration of moisture. And truly permanently!
MAX Resistance: Ideal for all types of laboratories, in the hygienic sector, for research centres, hospitals or doctor’s surgery, photo laboratories, the foodstuffs industry and everywhere, where absolute cleanliness of a highly resistant surface is demanded.


Max Resistance panels are Max Compact Laminates with an integrated chemical-resistant surface.

Ideal for laboratories with special requirements, in hygiene areas, for research centres, hospitals or doctor's surgeries, photographic laboratories, the food industry, and everywhere that absolute cleanliness dictates a highly resistant surface.

Decor: both sides
(Please refer to separate brochure R1 for decor options)
Film on both sides for maximum transport protection.


Weight by volume:
approx. 1450 kg/m3
Profile Max Resistance



Structure Max Resistance

Thickness: 4 – 20 mm

Surface finish: RE

Format: XL = 4100 x 1850 mm

Tolerances: +10 - 0 mm
The sizes of the panels are manufactured sizes. In case of dimensional accuracy and angle accuracy we advise an all-sided blank.



Laboratory table of
chemically resistant
panel MAX
Medical furniture 
MAX panels
MAX panel antibacterial
for medical institutions
Table top the
laboratory of the
 panels MAX


Medical furniture
 from the panel MAX
Chemically resistant
panel MAX medicine
Laboratory cupboards,
 shelves, tables
of MAX panels
Table for the medical
of MAX panels

Max-resistanse color scheme

/0080 RE /0075 RE /0063 RE /0074 RE /0851 RE /0085 RE
Black Dark Grey Reseda Green Pastel Grey Winter White  White