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First name: MAX   Surname: Compact

Watch out for Max inside! You are likely to meet Max Compact Laminates and Compactforming Elements just about anywhere. Eyecatching looks for a wide variety of applications. In all the places where design and creativity should not be compromised as a result of standing up tough conditions. A guarantee for lasting beauty in interior applications.


The most influential feature about Max Compact Laminates?

The fact that they remain uninfluenced. Not even by extreme heat or cold, water vapour , high pressure and sudden impact . These laminated panels are pressed under high pressure for tough interior applications. Both architects and craftsmen and women value this extraordinary quality. For all interior applications which demand a particularly resistant but decorative design. Not forgetting that MAX continuously updates its range of Compact Laminates With new innovations.

MAX Compact Laminates

  • High Pressure Laminates (HPL)
  • In accordance with ON EN 438 Type CGS/ and Type CGF for MAX Compact F-Quality
  • Black core
  • Symmetric design with two-sided décor
  • 2 to 20 mm tchik

MAX Compactforming Elements

  • Comprising High Pressure Laminates in accordance with ON EN 438 Type CGP
  • Special core structure
  • Made into functional elements in a patented process

Interior design


Decorative, water-resistant,robust.
These are the characteristics of the MAX Compact Laminate, a smart turnout in shools, swimming baths, fitness studios and sports centres.
Durability and cost efficiency are convincing for anyone who is building. Attractive modern decors for any planner. Easy and predictable to work with for any craftsperson.



Prime value. Whether it’s a modern offise, a designer kitchen or frequently used seating. Max Compact Laminates are tough. Tough but decorative at the same time. A Compact Laminates are tough. Tough but decorative at the same time. A Compact Laminate that can be machined so smoothly is predestined for greater things. Combine MAX Compact Laminates and Compactforming Element to form one unit. Add design/structural elements, cut out opening or recesses as desired for communication and media tools. And there is no need for additional edging material.