Natural asa tree!
Firm as a Concrete!

“Oko Skin” is an innovative product of Austrian company “Rieder”. Its thickness is only 13 mm and the standard size is 147х1800 mm. There are three types of surface and up to 20 colors

  • öko skin allows for facades with minimum maintenance requirements. In contrast to wooden panels, glassfibre reinforced concrete does not need to be stained or painted. Glassfibre reinforced concrete is a natural material. Its natural raw materials create a special, concrete-like surface
  • Thanks to the manageable format, the slats can be mounted and processed further directly on the construction site – by the specialist processor, carpenter, or a skilled “do it yourself” handyman.
  • öko skin can be used both as a cladding for large-scale facades of buildings as well as for small projects, such as vestibules, winter gardens, terraces, garden sheds, garages, fences… Fire resistance with fire protection class A1 “non-combustible” according to DIN 4102 – a safe alternative to classic wooden board formwork.
  • With its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, Rieder sets itself high standards for environmental protection. The environmental product declaration, EPD, gives precise indicators for the life cycle assessment.
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  • უმაღლესი ეკოლოგიური სტანდარტები. ISO 9001 და ISO 14001 სერტიფიკატების ფლობა.




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